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Hi, I am Baby M

I was born on October 9, 2013 to two working parents. My mum had to go back to work when I was 6 weeks old and I made sure she feels guilty for doing so! She rushed back home and hated to spend time stopping by the grocery store for my daily basic needs (I was a demanding baby!). She wanted to spend time with me instead.

My dad travels a lot, but I made sure I gave him the guilt trip too to spend as much time as possible with me.

I hated the weekend trip to the grocery store, so all I did was cry during the trip! What a smart baby I am.. They used to get so stressed out that they end up having the trip wasted and had to revisit the shop on their way to work. Crying nonstop in my car seat was the best strategy for not letting them go out in the first place. I want them to stay home with me.

My mum had so many nervous breakdown episodes:

"I can't do both" I used to hear her say to dad!

"We have no supermarket close by",

"I need to visit multiple supermarkets to get everything Baby M needs"

"I only wish my parents were in Dubai instead of Amman to help me out"

All my mum needed was a company that does it for her, this way she can excel at her job while taking excellent care of me!

Thanking Mums for being Mums!

Baby M
Chief Baby


H Facility, #22 Al Quoz Intersection of 10th and 15A Streets 500001 Dubai , Dubai
Phone: 07-204-2658