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Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ

1. What is Deliver2Mum?

Deliver 2 Mum is an online company that provides ease and convenience to mums with babies between the ages of 0-3 years old by delivering their baby needs directly to their doorstep within the UAE.

2. What are the available subscription packages?

You choose between 1 month (30 days) for an unlimited number of deliveries for 75 AED or 3 months (90 days) for 180 AED (20% savings). Alternatively, you can place a one-time purchase which will only cost 22 AED for delivery..

3. How does Deliver2Mum work?

  • Shop from the over 200 products in 9 categories that we currently carry.
  • Choose your membership package. 
  • Receive your order at your doorstep.
  • Pat yourself on the back for being a savvy mum who effectively manages her household. 

4. What are the products available?

Currently, we only source our products from distributors with a normal expiry date. We do not supply short expiry products ever. These products are from the leading baby products companies with a world-wide reputation ensuring you premium quality.

5. What happens if the items delivered are more than 5kgs?

For each week, that the items are more than 5kgs, the customer will be subjected to an additional weekly charge of 10 AED/week provided that the weight is not over 10kg. Please note that is a fixed charge and not as per kg. We will let you know once your order starts exceeding the 5kgs.

6. Can I order items for my twins (or two babies) based upon one subscription package?

Yes, this is possible provided that the total items do not weigh more than 5kgs. Otherwise, it will be subjected to a 10 AED/week additional charge each week that the total items weigh more than 5kgs up to a maximum of 10 kgs. Otherwise, you will have to purchase two or more subscription packages.

7. When will my items be delivered?

Based upon your location, and our delivery schedule, they will be delivered on the same day every week. Some weeks and due to unforeseen circumstances, it might be one day earlier/later than the regular shipping day. We will try to update you accordingly by email when that happens.

8. What if I want to cancel my subscription?

There is a charge of AED 150 (processing fee) for cancellation. After deducting the fee and any outstanding amounts due from previous deliveries from your statement of account, we will refund the remainder within 2 weeks of cancellation.

9. What if I want to refund/exchange any product purchased?

Because we are working with babies, if the product arrives at your end we can't refund or exchange. We cannot guarantee to the next receiving mother how it was stored at your end. So, we are strict in our refund policy.

10. What happens if I want to change the brand of diapers/wipes?

There is no problem with that whatsoever provided that we receive your request three working days prior to delivery. In all circumstances, the change of brand will take place the following week or we will not charge you for it.

11. Does my diapers brand have to be the same as my baby wipes brand?

No, this is your own individual choice and you are free to choose what is your preference for your loved one.

12. What are your payment methods?

The subscription package has to be paid online via our secure and encrypted website. Moreover, you can pre-pay for the products via our website. Moreover, payment for the products can be done with cash on delivery and/or via paying online at delivery. Kindly note that we do not accept any late payments (i.e. over 6 days due) and will not commence with additional deliveries until your past due amounts are paid.

13. What happens if I am late in my payment?

We will not commence any future deliveries until the amount outstanding has been cleared. Please ensure prompt payment as the subscription charges will continue.

14. What if I will be out of the country for some weeks?

No problem as you have the option for placing your subscription on hold one time every 3 months provided that the holding period does not exceed one month. Just alert our customer service colleagues who will do the necessary.



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