Prepare Perfect Summer for Baby

Baby learns to swim before they walk!

Dubai summer is long and hot. Taking baby to the swimming pool seems like a no-brainer. The National Health Service in UK advises that babies can be taken swimming at any age. My doctor also suggests that after 6 months, baby’s immune system is strong enough to handle swimming pool. 

Early introduction to swimming does bring many benefits: it is easier to get a natural little swimmer. The younger are less fearful for water, and better embrace the idea of laying on their back. 

However, before I bought the first baby out in the water, new mum paranoid 

The idea of taking baby to the pool when he isn’t old enough to walk seems silly as a first glance. Summer in Dubai is hot and long. But the early morning swim could mean a  warm and fun time enhancing the parents and baby bond, too. 

Other than a safe baby float, Swimming nappy, baby sunscreen and, of course, 

Before the baby “graduated” from the potty training, I almost felt embarrassed to bring baby to swimming pool in a regular nappy. taking them to the swimming pool seems . You can buy various sizes on Deliver 2 Mum. Quick, easy and disposable solution

The swim nappy by Huggies (LIttle Swimmers) is brilliant, yet not cheap, solution to swim with a найти работу в питере baby from newborn up to 3 years old. 

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