How many diapers does my baby need?

In the first year, the approximate number of diapers is 3,200 (Around 62 Diapers per week). With an average price of leading diapers brands being around 0.94 AED/diaper, that will translate to over 3,000 AED just for diapers alone. This is for a newborn who is born o n their due date. After the first year, the approximate number of diapers becomes 2,900 diapers annually which is 56 Diapers per week.

During the first months, more diapers are consumed and diaper changes are more frequent with an average of around 11 diaper changes a day during the first month. As the baby grows, the need for diaper changes becomes less and less. By the 5th month (22 weeks), your precious angel should average 8 diapers a day which translates to around 56 diapers a week. This will continue until they become potty trained and not require any more diapers.

The industry practice is to have similar retail prices for the whole range. Having said that, the diapers manufacturers achieve that via placing less diapers in the pack effectively making the cost per diaper go up in price. To be fair, babies become bigger in size, thus requiring more diaper material as they go up in size.

Furthermore, the sizes for diapers have an area where they overlap as per the table below: Size Weight Range Overlap with previous size

1 Up to 5 kg n/a
2 4-6 kg 4-5 kg
3 4-9 kg 4-6 kg
4 7-18 kg 7-9 kg
4+ 9-20 kg 9-18 kg
5 12-25 kg 12-20 kg

Our novice recommendation is for you to try and delay going up in size as much as possible. However, you risk the following:

a) the diapers becomes tight on your baby possibly causing irritation and rash, and
b) having leakage and blow-outs. When frequent, then switch to the bigger size.

Deliver2Mum follows the average recommended diaper schedule best suited for your baby according to the American найти работу в питере Association of Pediatrics� growth chart averages.

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